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  • $10.00 USD


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Skype:sale6_177 Email: [Given Email is not allowed] [ Given URL is not allowed] we have stongeset synthetics cannabinoids 5f-adb. if you need this product or any other cannabinoids, such as adb-fubinaca, fub-amb, amb-fubinaca, 5f-mdmb-2201, nm-2201, mmb-chiminaca.....purchase from us. our factory have the ability to produce the best quality. our factory have the ability to provide the lowest price. our agents have the abilitys to arrange the best delivery line. we will never let you down. you will find we are deserve you to choose. application: for recerach expiration date: 24 month package: according to your request. attention #1: not suitable for the younger attention #2: 100% safe and fast delivery guaranteed shipping: hk dhl,dhl,fedex, ups, tnt,ems. adult dosage: light <100mg common 100-150mg strong 150-200mg duration: onset 30-40 minutes duration 3-4 hours after-effects 8-24 hours

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