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Magic spells that work fast to end relationships. Magic break up spells bring harm to none. It simply “ends” the relationship and the people part ways. It is a gentle break up but don’t confuse that with “weakness” – the spell is just as strong and fast-working as a black magic type of spell and will separate the couple but just in a more gentle way. Powerful black magic spells that will get rid of love rivals permanently. Black magic will destroy the couple powerfully, often causing emotional and psychological pain to one or both parties in the couple. Sometimes that pain might even escalate to physical violence. This type of spell works similar to a revenge spell, in that you want one or both of the people to suffer. Revenge breakup spells to destroy the relationship quickly. Revenge spells are cast when you wish to “pay back” someone who has harmed you. For example, if your supposed best friend cheated on you with your spouse, you wish to punish them (either the friend or spouse or both) through a revenge spell. Revenge break up spells work fast and the couple never get back together again, and the pain they caused you – now they will feel themselves. Fast and powerful divorce spells that will cause the couple to quarrel constantly. Divorce spells will cause a legally married couple to not only break up, but take things a step further and file for a divorce. These fast-working spells causes one or both spouses to “walk away” from the relationship – never getting back together again. It is a permanent spell result, even if they have children together. prof mama at +27730831757 www.profmamaduku.webs.com

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